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The Association of Christian Teachers, also known as ACT, is a Christian membership organisation that provides professional and spiritual support to Christians engaged in pre-school, primary, middle, secondary, special, college and university education in England. 

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Tweets from ACT director, Clive Ireson
  • Wednesday 23rd July
    Imagine what would happen if you devoted a half hour once a week to honing the spiritual gifts that God has entrusted to you. via @ACTClive
  • Wednesday 23rd July
    'Imagine what would happen if you devoted a via @ACTClive

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posted Thursday 10th July 2014 by Robert Hall Our language is indeed strange, as the term fireman can mean one who puts out fires, or the exact opposite, one who tends and encourages them. I am fortunate to have in my house two things which come into their own in winter: an open fireplace and a ce…
posted Thursday 19th June 2014 by Gill Robins  At the recent EurECA conference, Experience and Expertise in Christian Pedagogy, I attended a fascinating workshop on avoiding conflict in our classrooms. It wasn’t quite the standard reflection on conflict resolution that I expected – it was much, muc…

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